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3-D Seismic Interpretation pdf free

3-D Seismic Interpretation by M. Bacon, R. Simm, T. Redshaw

3-D Seismic Interpretation

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3-D Seismic Interpretation M. Bacon, R. Simm, T. Redshaw ebook
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521792037, 9780521792035
Page: 207
Format: pdf

Within the limitations of the seismic data we can use this synthetic data to optimize our 3D data set and locate oil and gas reservoirs that were missing in previous low resolution interpretation. DEPARTMENT: PHYSICS AND INDUSTRIAL PHYSICS. An interactive seismic data presentation software engineered to provide oil industry seismic data processing, analysis, interpretation solutions with 2d & 3d exploration through easy graphical user interface. Preliminary 3-D processing further illustrates the potential of 3-D seismic data in interpreting images of oceanic features such as internal wave strains. Texas Brine has submitted a dubious report detailing its consultant's interpretation of the results of the 3D seismic survey of the Oxy Geismar 3/Bayou Corne area. AUTHOR: IREDU, AMAKA NWABIACHIE. Charisma; CPS-3; Framework 3D; GeoViz; IESX Seismic Interpretation; InDepth;LPM; Seismic Attribute ToolKit; SEA 3D for GeoViz; SeisClass; Synthetics; WriteOn. Download 3-D Seismic Interpretation: A Primer for Geologists (Jul 2000) Book Reviews; Services. 3-D Seismic Interpretation: A Primer for Geologists (Jul 2000) book download. Data processing and visualization are rigorously integrated in the OpendTect system. Began using PC-based workstations in 1983 and currently have complete 2D/3D seismic interpretation and visualization capabilities (64-bit workstation with IHS* Kingdom). Petrel Geophysics: Windows Platform. Analyze 2D, 3D, 4D pre- and post-stack seismic data. AFFILIATION: NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY, AWKA. OpendTect 4.0: 2D & 3D Viewers 2D & 3D Viewers.

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